2023: Yul Edochie plays Peter Obi in new film

2023: Yul Edochie plays Peter Obi in new film

Famous actor Yul Edochie has played the role of Peter Obi. The Labour Party candidate, in a two-part movie on YouTube. 2023: Yul Edochie plays Peter Obi in new film

It is coming barely three weeks before the Nigerian presidential elections, which will be held on the 25th of February.

Titled ‘Peter Obi’, the movie is produced by Rockcelly TV, a Nollywood movie production outfit.

Anaele Dominic, the CEO of Rockcelly TV, says the movie, whose two parts were. Released 24 hours apart, is coming at a critical time when Nigeria is gearing towards the election.

“It behoves us as citizens to make our contributions. Me being a filmmaker, I used film as a tool to create my impact on our beloved country by dropping this never seen kind of movie,” he noted.

Written by Dominic, the movie also stars Ify Eze, Chioma Ifemeludike, Demian Edward, Ifeanyi Azodo, Marvelous Ekuma, and many others.

From the trailer, one would think the movie is a parody, but a few minutes into watching it. This newspaper noticed that it was an attempt to launder Mr Obi’s personality.

Yul’s attempt to mimic the LP candidate’s low-pitched voice fell flat and has earned the actor a lot of flak on social media.

Some also wonder why he was chosen to play the character.

The movie portrays the Labour Party’s candidate as a miser who would rather. Spend money giving food to the less privileged than enjoy a night of fine dining.

Due to his non-conformist lifestyle, he is constantly at loggerheads with his family. Friends, members of society and even his wife.

As told by the movie, despite all that, he sticks to his ways and is a stickler for facts, using his campaign slogan, “go and verify”.

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