Accelerate Tv Announces the return of Visa on Arrival Season 4.

Accelerate Tv Announces the return of Visa on Arrival Season 4.

Announcing the return of Visa on Arrival Season 4, Accelerate TV.


With great pleasure, Accelerate TV announces the highly anticipated fourth season premiere of their popular series Visa on Arrival.

The most recent season of the comedy series, which comedian Bovi Ugboma specially developed for Accelerate TV, is scheduled to. Debut on December 22, 2023, on Accelerate Plus, the movie streaming platform, as well as on YouTube.

Season 4 of Visa on Arrival, which debuted to great acclaim in its previous seasons, offers fans another thrilling journey through the exploits of the players navigating the fictitious Nigerian visa issuance unit. The show gives the procedure of getting a travel visa a humorous yet disorganized tone.

Season 4 of the show builds on the popularity of its previous seasons by bringing in two highly regarded actresses as compelling guest appearances, Sofia Alakija and Shola Shobowale, who enhance the already amazing cast.

“We’re excited to return ‘Visa on Arrival’ for its fourth season,” Accelerate TV Chief Executive Officer Colette Otusheso said. “The show has captivated audiences with its unique blend of satire, wit, and outstanding performances. Season 4 promises to deliver even more laughter and entertainment to our viewers.”

However as the series delves deeper into the dynamic dynamics within the fictional visa unit, viewers can anticipate a delicious mix of ludicrous circumstances, quick-witted banter, and laugh-out-loud moments.

The fourth season of Visa on Arrival will debut exclusively on Accelerate TV’s YouTube channel on December 22, 2023. Additionally, for a mere 500 Naira a month, viewers can stream episodes every week by subscribing to Accelerate Plus, the platform’s premium Streaming Video-on-demand (SVOD) service.

Additionally, the Afro-centric Accelerate Plus has a vast collection of African material from all over the continent, which includes original productions from some of the continent’s most well-known filmmakers, like Visa on Arrival and The Olive, as well as other lifestyle shows, documentaries, films, and series. Thus, in order to watch Africa Anywhere, subscribe today!

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