Actor Baaj Adegbule says sleeping with a virgin is traumatic for Men.

Actor Baaj Adegbule says sleeping with a virgin is traumatic for Men.

Says actor Baaj Adebule, “I don’t want to marry a virgin.”

According to actor Baaj Adebule of Nollywood, he has no desire to wed a virgin.

He added that he doesn’t look forward to the procedure of deflowering a woman.

The process was “traumatic,” he claimed, having gone through it before.

Recently stated, “I don’t want to marry a virgin,” in an interview with Pulse podcast. Since the disvirgining process is something I’ve done previously and it’s rather distressing, it is evident that you must do it first.

“When people think about it, they only consider the woman; nobody considers the man and the struggles he faces in order to do it. For a male, it’s a very awful experience.

The actor linked staying virgin to accomplishments like keeping up one’s physical health and stated that it was crucial to be proud of one’s decisions. He acknowledged that discipline is something to be proud of, even though he won’t accept a virgin for a marriage.

“I think there are two things in life that you can be proud of: working out and looking pretty decent, or being a virgin, which she should be.

Explicitly requested a woman who shares his virginity and would be willing to remain chaste till marriage. He says he wants a woman who is between the ages of 21 and 22 who he can trust and who he can create a calm home with.

He stated, “I’m a 33-year-old man who is proud to be a virgin” i’m from Anambra, and in. 2023 I hope to settle down i have never been in a relationship before, and I’m afraid of these end. Of term women with a lot of penile mileage.

I need someone who is committed to the same values as me—no premarital sex i need a tranquil house. And someone I can trust a post you made regarding a few hours ago.


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