Actor Olaiya Igwe addresses the worst predicament of tinubu govt to the people.

Actor Olaiya Igwe addresses the worst predicament of tinubu govt to the people.

Olaiya Igwe informs Tinubu, “People in Nigeria are crying because they’re sad.”

“I beg you to form a watchdog group, headed by your kid or daughter, to carefully supervise national operations.”

Omosola By Friday, February 5, 2024; 4 minutes to read

Following in Kwam 1’s footsteps, veteran Yoruba actor Ebun Oloyede, also known as Olaiya Igwe, has lamented the severity of poverty in the nation, just over a year after going nude in a campaign film for President Bola Tinubu.

In a recent Instagram video, Kwam 1 bemoaned the pain that Nigerians had been through since Mr. Tinubu took power and begged him to address the ongoing difficulties.

On the other hand, Mr Olaiya, 66, a fervent supporter of the APC, urged the President to pay attention to. The people’s concerns in a video posted on his official YouTube page on Tuesday.

He declared “Everyone is furious because the people are weeping and screaming; even Nigerians living abroad are unhappy with the. State of affairs in their nation.

“I would like to speak with Bola Ahmed Tinubu, our father. People are crying because you did not live up to their expectations. Although I am aware of your efforts, the individuals in your cabinet prevent them from being seen.

“I recognize your efforts, but you were hampered in your advancement by others around you you share some of the. Blame because you didn’t choose them carefully they’re not very professional.

You have a good sense of talent; if not, Wike wouldn’t have been given the reins in Abuja, where he is making significant progress.

The actor received backlash for his decision to campaign for Mr Tinubu while nude in December 2022, which put him. In the headlines soon after he uploaded the video, his Instagram page was suspended; however, it was eventually reinstated.

The actor insisted in this new video that he had no regrets about running for president Tinubu, but he asked. Him to address the pervasive hunger in the country and the lack of expectations that Nigerians have of him.

The actor, who was born in Ogun, also pleaded with the President to form a monitoring group to supervise some of his initiatives aimed at easing poverty and easing suffering among Nigerians.

Mr. Olaiya stated that a lack of a monitoring team was the reason behind the misappropriation of palliative money, which were meant to lessen the effects of the termination of fuel subsidies.

Given their stake in the success of their father’s administration, he recommended that the President’s children take the lead on the team.

Mr. Olaiya claimed that some of Mr. Tinubu’s appointees had hidden agendas and weren’t entirely devoted to his achievement.

He maintained that the lack of efficient project oversight teams was the reason previous Presidents failed.


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