Actress Eniola Badmus breaks silence after her Tiktok defamer was Jailed.

Actress Eniola Badmus breaks silence after her Tiktok defamer was Jailed.

Popular Nollywood actress Eniola Badmus reacted on social media to Okoye Blessing Nwaekego’s court appearance and jail sentence for allegedly defaming her on Tiktok.

Recall that on Wednesday, a federal high court in Lagos sentenced Blessing, who had accused Eniola Badmus of being a. Pimp in a post on Tiktok, to two years in prison.

She was charged with two counts of cyberstalking in Lagos between the months of December 2022 and July 2023, reportedly. With the help of another person, Chimabia, who is currently at large.

As a result of her conviction on the accusations brought against her, Blessing was given a one-year prison term. On count one, with the option of paying a fine of N50,000.

Actress Eniola Badmus criticizes those who moreover oppose the abolition of fuel subsidies.

The overweight actress commented on the situation in a message on her Twitter page, saying she doesn’t understand why someone would fabricate information about her in further order to damage her reputation and bring her down.

“I would like to address a problem that has been affecting online communities and social media platforms: defamatory statements about me,” she stated. 

How do you get up in the morning, go on social media, and disparage individuals by posting untrue or nasty things about them?”

In her post, Eniola Badmus also stated that just as no one criticizes another person’s decision or way of living. And then they should not criticize her own acts as a person.

“Just like you, celebrities have blood coursing through their veins. Why should I be judged for my choices or way of living when no one in my corner does the same for me?She enquired.

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