Actress Lizzy Anjorin debunks the allegations of her stealing jewelry saying that She was set up.

Actress Lizzy Anjorin debunks the allegations of her stealing jewelry saying that She was set up.

Lizzy Anjorin refutes claims that she stole jewelry, saying, “I was set up.”

She complained over and over that someone named “Shepeteri” had set her up.

Anjorin claims that her husband’s initial attempt to move the jewelry just didn’t work out. [LizzyAnjorinOfficial on Instagram]

Furthermore Nollywood actress Lizzy Anjorin has stated that she was set up and denied recent claims that she stole jewelry valued at ₦90,000 from the market.

Anjorin refuted the claims on Monday, February 5, 2024, taking to her Instagram account and saying, “Don’t you think that the whole world would see that you set me up.” She then went on to recount the events leading up to her November 17 accessory purchase.

Anjorin clarified that after sending the seller money, she followed up to find out where the money was. At first, the vendor asserted that they never got the funds.

But two hours later, when she came back, he verified the payment and gave her the accessories she was angry. That the seller had not notified her sooner about the transfer going well.

“Later he told me that the money I sent did not go, then I asked him why he didn’t call. Me to tell me, then asked him the month the transfer was made and he acted like he couldn’t remember,” she said.

Anjorin continued by describing the event that occurred at the market yesterday and the video that went viral of her.

However “the guy had already gathered people and they removed my hijab and asked me to sit down like a. Thief, and I refused,” she explained after calling her husband, she went on, saying, “My husband then said that he would transfer 100,000 to the seller in the meantime. It was all a setup.”

All of this happened after her picture became viral and circulated on social media on February 5, 2024. She was accused of shoplifting on the video. Anjorin went from her seat to a spot where her face was less visible in an attempt to evade being videotaped by her accusers.


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