Adekunle Gold Says that he used to trek in lagos to sell his music in the traffic.

Adekunle Gold Says that he used to trek in lagos to sell his music in the traffic.

Adekunle Gold, an afrobeats musician and songwriter, has discussed his ascent to fame, emphasizing how, before to his big break, he used to trek from Maryland to Ikeja to sell his CDs.

On Friday, July 28, 2023, he published his highly awaited album Tequilla Ever After alongside his newsletter, which detailed his rise to fame and detailed his challenges.

He recalled, “I remember walking from Maryland to Ikeja to give out our CDs in traffic, we really pushed and pushed because we both knew we had something in us that the world needed to hear.”

When discussing his humble beginnings as a choir member at his church and his bond with his best buddy, Michael, AG Baby noted that Michael was a factor in his success.

“As I was reflecting,” he wrote, “I remembered fighting so hard to lead the choir at Doers of the Word. And never getting that spot, but look at me today it was not until my parents moved us from Ifako. Ijaiye to Ikotun and I met my best friend Michael that people really started paying attention to my musical ability.”

The singer spoke on his close relationship with Michael, explaining how they met through their shared love of music and. Came to form the band Another Root of Jesse although they both had good voices, Adekunle was the group’s lyricist. And his friend was the producer.

They kept up their hustle even after his pal found work “then Michael acquired a job at Dana airline,” he. Recalled, “and while I was still in need of money, I added my own 2 kobo.

In 2010, we collected 150,000 naira to film our debut music video we invested every single dollar we had. Into music, and in order to pursue our musical dreams, we even relocated into a “boy’s quarter” in Lekki in. 2011.

Michael is the brains behind the EDM remixes he performed during his live concerts, and he created some tracks on his recently-released album, he disclosed in his newsletter that he and his pal remain inseparable.


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