Adesuwa “O” Man Nwokedi ” The Marriage Class” is being made into a Tv Series.

Adesuwa "O" Man Nwokedi " The Marriage Class" is being made into a Tv Series.

A television series based on “The Marriage Class” by Adesuwa O’man Nwokedi is in the works.

Stephen Strachan and Enyi Omeruah will be in charge of EK 782 Films’ development. The script will be written by Eno Udo-Affia.

In addition the production company EK 782 Films announced in a statement to Pulse Nigeria on Thursday, February 8, 2024. That it had purchased the film and television rights to Adesuwa O’man Nwokedi’s 2023 novel, The Marriage Class.

There will be a six-part drama series based on the book. Eno Udo-Affia, a writer living in Lagos, will pen the screenplay.

“A group of couples who take the same marriage counselling classes before going to the altar and find” is the plot of the Lagos-set novel The marital Class.

Themselves at a turning point in their relationship with one important query… Would they or would they not?”

In addition a statement, EK 782 Films stated that it is “dedicated to producing, financing, and distributing quality films and TV that speak to the powerful cultural movements arising in the cities of Lagos, Johannesburg, Dubai, and Riyadh.” Based in the United Arab Emirates, the production company was founded by producers Enyi Omeruah and Stephen Strachan.

Adesuwa’s novels captured my attention last year when I read them and fell in love with the people and environment she built in modern-day Lagos, said producer Enyi Omeruah.

Nigerian society is undergoing rapid change, and Adesuwa masterfully conveys the challenges, fears, and problems associated with dating and marriage in the world’s most dynamic city.

“The second I was given The Marriage Class, I read it in one night,” said script writer Udo-Affia. The work by Adesuwa addresses marriage, the most important topic of the day. In any culture, but particularly in Nigeria, where we hold marriage in such high regard, it’s a really important decision. As a woman, the situations and personalities particularly stood out to me. I could relate to every one of them. All of us have witnessed friends and family members go through difficult times when everything seems amiss and there are clear warning signs.

I’m honored to be bringing this incredible novel to life, and I can’t wait for it to become a TV show.

Stephen Strachan and Enyi Omeruah will be in charge of EK 782 Films’ development.


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