Adewale Ayuba warns Fuji Musicians not to imitate western music.

Adewale Ayuba warns Fuji Musicians not to imitate western music.

Adewale Ayuba, a seasoned musician from Fuji, has announced that his new single. Uncommon, will be released on August 27, 2023.

Ayuba stated that the new single would be published in order to further popularize and digitize Fuji music to the. News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos.

As African music started to receive attention from the Grammys and other. International honors, however he claimed that this was necessary.

He claimed that in order to make the song authentically Fuji and African. Talking drums and various other regional musical. Instruments were used in the recording process.

“On Sunday, August 27, I will release a new single uncommon, which is my hallmark song and will be made. Available on all music streaming services, will let people know. That I am an uncommon artist straight away with my new album.

“I want Nigerians to understand the uniqueness moreover of my music and me as an artist. I have the ability to switch between levels like a chameleon.

“Uncommon speaks about what I’ve done in the entertainment industry; in 1990, I was the first performer to introduce Fuji. Music to universities; up until that point, people thought however it was music for the elderly.

“I have been able to make sure that as a Fuji artist, I work more on developing albums and singles. And move beyond performing at birthday and funeral events.

According to him, that is how the furthermore song might become more well-known.

To prevent the demise of the Fuji music genre, Ayuba urged other Fuji musicians to step up their efforts to create additional singles and albums.

He also advised them to develop own music rather than copying Western music.


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