The world, like Africa, is not flat. It’s a continent that’s as diverse as it is vast, populated with individuals from all walks of life with fascinating stories to tell. Here are several documentaries that will give you an idea of what makes Africa tick:

The White King is a biopic of Nelson Mandela, who was born in 1918 and died in 2013. It chronicles his ascent to power and his struggle for racial equality in South Africa. The film also depicts Mandela’s impact on South Africa, as well as his political party’s win in the country’s first democratic election in 1994, which gave him the presidency until 1999.

The film begins with an overview of apartheid (a system of segregation) before focusing on Mandela’s youth: he grew up poor but determined; he attended university despite discrimination against black people; he became involved with politics at a young age; he fell in love with Winnie Madikizela-Mandela while working at law firms during WWII; they married soon after graduating from college; Winnie gave birth to two daughters (Patty & Zenani).

The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross

The documentary African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross chronicles the story of African Americans. It tells the story of their past, present, and future. The film focuses on optimism, hardship, and success over adversity while exploring faith and family values among America’s most populous minority group, which now accounts for 12 percent of the population.

Former President Jimmy Carter, civil rights activist Jesse Jackson Sr., author Maya Angelou, journalist Tavis Smiley, actor Denzel Washington, singer Harry Belafonte, jazz musician Wynton Marsalis, NBA Hall-of-Famer Kareem Abdul Jabbar (formerly Lew Alcindor), and many others are interviewed in the documentary.


The State of Africa is a documentary that traces Africa’s history from pre-colonialism through independence. Jihan El-Tahri, an Egyptian director who has done multiple films about the continent, directed it.

This film is ideal for anyone interested in learning more about African history or watching something entertaining with friends or family. If you’re studying for an exam or just looking for something educational but not too dry, this is for you!

Africa: The Movie is a 2005 documentary film directed by Martin Butler and Alastair Fothergill. It was released in the same manner as their previous film, Earth, which focused on numerous environmental challenges confronting mankind throughout the world.

The film takes you on a journey from Cape Town to the Mediterranean Sea, exploring numerous concerns affecting Africa such as poaching, deforestation, and overcrowding. It also depicts the magnificence of its surroundings and incorporates some of its most recognizable creatures, including elephants and lions (and even some rarer species like cheetahs).

It’s a terrific introduction to what’s going on in Africa today—the filmmakers did an excellent job of capturing both sides of these complex concerns while never losing sight of how much we still have to learn about this fascinating region!

You should see these documentaries on Africa; they’re fascinating. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions.