Age of Magic by Ben Okri receives Netherland Film Funding.

Age of Magic by Ben Okri receives Netherland Film Funding.

Age of Magic, a book by Ben Okri, will be made into an adaptation.

According to Shockng, a grant of €167,694 has been awarded for the cinematic adaptation of the acclaimed book by. The British author with Nigerian ancestry this financial reward is a component of the €6.9 million investment in 22. New productions made by the Netherlands Film Production Incentive (NFPI).

The NFPI seeks to nurture film talent in the Netherlands and improve the quality, diversity, and dissemination of this high. Earning TV series through its incentive, therefore the financial contribution is only for film productions that have clearly spent on their productions in the Netherlands.

The synopsis for the movie adaption states, “Together with a film crew, a Black writer and his girlfriend arrive at an old mysterious town on the shores of a luminous lake, furthermore where they are changed by its magic. Between dream and reality, they try to re-find the Arcadian dream.”

The award-winning Belgian director Peter Kruger, and then who reportedly collaborated with Okri on the 2014 film N-The Madness of Reason, will produce Age of Magic.

The only book by an African author to be chosen for the further fund is Okri’s, which is not surprising given the praise Okri’s writing has accrued over the years.

The poet and novelist is regarded as one of the greatest post-modern moreover and post-colonial African writers. With the publication of The Famished Road, which won the 1991 Booker Prize, he rose to popularity.

There are currently no additional facts available regarding the start of filming or the anticipated release date. One can only wait impatiently for what lies ahead.


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