Ajebo hustlers team up with Odumodublvck for new single ” Celine Dion”.

Ajebo hustlers team up with Odumodublvck for new single " Celine Dion".

Ajebo Hustlers and Odumodublvck collaborate on the new song “Celine Dion.”

However the with a new track, Ajebo Hustlers gets fans ready for their next album.

Ajebo Hustlers is a remarkable group of musicians from Nigeria that is still getting notice for their masterful blending of Afrobeats and their Southern roots.

‘Celine Dion’ is a new song that singer Piego and rapper Knowledge released the song is an Afropop hit, laced. With the unique electrifying wit that characterizes this Port Harcourt combo.

On “Celine Dion,” Ajebo Hustlers and OdumoduBlvck unite hitting the mark at the intersection of excellent production, imaginative writing, teamwork. And expressive pidgin aspects.

The song cleverly uses wordplay to link the quest of pleasure and the famed crooner’s style.

“We actually wanted a song that had direction to the celebration of the African woman, creating a good feel song. For the ladies, just like a gangster being in love,” Ajebo Hustlers said, reflecting on the song’s origins. We brought. Our idea to Wondah, a producer we had previously collaborated with, and together we came up with the beat, melodies, and lyrics for it.

During recording, the pair draws attention to the cultural relevance in the African context, particularly in the hook that features the lyric “She gives me groundnut and Kolanut.”

‘Celine Dion’ is the lead track that is expected to draw attention from the public, acting as a preview for their upcoming album ‘Bad Boy Etiquette 102’, which is scheduled for release in 2024.

Ajebo Hustlers start 2024 off in a unique way right away, following the release of their previous song, No Wam. Celine Dion combines the unique flavor of Odumodublvck with their characteristic sound to create a pleasantly inventive combination. The dynamic instrumental provided by the gifted beatmaker Wondah provides the ideal backdrop for the performers’ exchanges.

With her contagious enthusiasm, astute wordplay, and obvious chemistry with the other artist, Celine Dion most likely has a hit on her hands. Soon, a music video for the song will be released, which will further enhance the

Source: africanworldentertainment.com

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