American Hip Hop Artiste: Akon openly states that if you want to be rich stay stingy which he gives as a financial advice.

American Hip Hop Artiste: Akon openly states that if you want to be rich stay stingy which he gives as a financial advice.

The Secret To Staying Rich, According To Akon, Is To “Stay Stingy”

Akon is disclosing his secrets to sustaining wealth. The music mogul recently disclosed that he uses a variety of strategies to manage his financial situation in an interview with Logan Paul. He claims to live by several important ideals, including frugality. Additionally, he doesn’t own a private plane, in contrast to many of his contemporaries.

On the IMPAULSIVE podcast, Akon remarked, “Listen, you want to be rich? be stingy. I’m the stingiest muthaf***a on the planet. Anyone of my stature would not take a commercial flight. These guys spend their days flying on aircraft. I made an effort to buy a jet. It was like that for six months.

I quickly sold it muthaf***a. You are ignorant of maintenance charges. I swear to you.

Continued, pointing out that the annual costs for a jet due to upkeep were just not worth it, and offered an alternate strategy.

In the long term, he said, a different approach might be more cost-effective. “Buy some hours and use it only when necessary,” he added. And almost always use it as a negotiating tactic.

But whatever you do, don’t own a plane. Bro, owning a jet requires spending at least $2-3 million a year simply on upkeep. You spend more on the maintenance than the real cost of the jet.

He Admits Wearing Fake Dior in “Drink Champs” Interview for Clicks

The Hip hop artist Dissects Wealth Preservation Advice

His stressed the need of treating one’s wealth as a lifetime resource, contending that doing so would have a long-lasting impact on how people handle their money. The “Locked Up” hitmaker also reportedly avoids purchasing designer goods in order to save money.

He wore a black-and-white jacket during an episode of Drink Champs in July of this year. Fans did remark that he was wearing what appeared to be a phony Dior suit, though.

Rapper Symba called out Akon on his Instagram story over his attire, saying, “That b**ch say ‘Di Rio.’ I thought that was a Dior,” amid laughter. That person said, “Di Rio.

Akon out of pocket, that n**ga. I have a little fun with my n**ga Akon, however this n**ga is broke. Di Rio.”

As a result, Akon received some constructive criticism from a variety of business leaders and fans.

In instance, French Montana uploaded a video to Instagram that showed him hanging out with Akon and jokingly asking where the designer of his fake black-and-white Dior jacket came from.

Akon informed French Montana that “The Drio came from one of my Africans.” “I always stand behind my fellow Africans; we fight hard for one another.

I anticipated that would increase engagement. Akon’s financial insights and his decision to “stay stingy” defy conventional wisdom in a sector known for bling and luxury. It only takes one person to notice, and it’s gon’ go crazy on the internet and it did exactly what we intended it to do.

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