American Rapper Meek Mill pays tribute to Mohbad.

American Rapper Meek Mill pays tribute to Mohbad.

Rapper Meek Mill from the United States has added his name to the huge list of famous people who have paid respect to the late. Nigerian Street Hop icon, who died at the age of 27.

Mohbad, a Nigerian street hop sensation, passed away on September 12, 2023, shocking the whole public with the news. Up to his loss, he was a brilliant talent whose music connected with listeners from all. Walks of life.

In paying respect to the late Nigerian singer, American rapper Meek Mill has joined US Hip Hop icons Kodak Black and Lil Durk.

On September 20, 2023, Meek Mill referenced Lil Durk’s tweet honoring Mohbad to explain that he had watched. TikTok videos about the late musician and to express his respect for the outpouring of support from the general public that had. Followed his loss.

Mohbad’s death has continued to spark intense public outrage due to accusations of foul play made by various people, notably Sammy Larry in particular and Marlian Music label head. Naira Marley.

Even though the #JusticceforMohbad protests have expanded to several states, including Ogun, Oyo, Ekiti, Kogi, and Lagos, the. Nigerian Police have started their inquiries into Mohbad’s killing.

Mohbad, a 27-year-old afrobeats star who passed away under strange circumstances just over a week ago, continues to receive condolences. From all over the world.

US major stars appear to be becoming aware of the situation as rumors and speculation about what actually happened to Mohbad continue to. Circulate online.

Lil Durk tweeted “RIP MOHBAD aka Imole” on Wednesday, and it was seen more than 10 million times in less than 24 hours.

Meek Mill, a protégé of Grammy-winning Rick Ross, quoted Durk and added, “I watched his whole story on tik tok!!!!” in response to Durk’s tweet. In Nigeria, they are riding for him. I adore that.”

His baritone and hits like however “Ask About M,” “Pariwo,” and “Peace” made the singer well known.

Fans are demanding an investigation into his death as a result furthermore of the tremendous outrage over his passing on social media.

The target of the ire of fans is the however record label Marlin Records.

Mohbad allegedly faced threats and intimidation from however the label and its creator, afrobeats icon Naira Marley, before leaving. In 2022.

“Before his passing Mohbad was in court to retrieve the majority of his songs however and unpaid royalties which were wrongfully held by Marlian Music,” read a post on. Mohbad’s official Instagram page over the weekend.

“We will keep fighting to get our hands on his catalog and unclaimed royalties so that they can be used to take care moreover of the people he left behind. Especially his son Liam Imole.

“We want #JusticeforMohbad, and We will appreciate any support we can get in this battle to recover his catalog from Marian Music, as this is the justice that. Mohbad was striving for.”

Mohbad’s family will host a candlelight procession and tribute concert for the late celebrity on Thursday in Lagos, Nigeria.

“We appreciate the outpouring of support from fans around the world, and however we thank those who organized events in their neighborhoods to. Honor and respect our shining light.”


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