American Rappers Lil Durk and Kodak Black pay tribute to Mohbad.

American Rappers Lil Durk and Kodak Black pay tribute to Mohbad.

The late Nigerian artist Ilerioluwa Olademeji Aloba, nicknamed Mohbad, who passed away last week, has received tributes from American rappers Kodak Black and Lil Durk.

Black, who was grieving for the 27-year-old during an Instagram live session with admirers, claimed to have only recently discovered Mohbad’s social media page prior to the tragic incident.

“R.I.P. to Mohbad,” he murmured. Up to his death, Kodak, you were the hero of his neighborhood. Damn!

What’s so bizarre at the moment is that I only recently discovered this n*gga’s page this week—a few days ago—

Wherever you are, man, sleep well.

Lil Durk paid tribute to the late Nigerian rapper on Tuesday via his Instagram story and X account in a similar manner.

He added the words “RIP Mohbad aka Imole.”

Nigerians learned the tragic news of Mohbad, a 27-year-old street hop sensation, passing died on September 12, 2023.

The American rapper Kodak Black has added his name to the huge list of famous people who have expressed their. Condolences following the demise of the Street Hop icon whose Afrobeats-influenced music made him famous.

A fan said that Kodak Black was Mohbad’s neighborhood hero until he went away during one of the artist’s live Instagram sessions. Kodak conveyed his condolences and mentioned that he had only recently discovered Mohbad’s page.

Lil Durk, a rapper from Chicago, also paid tribute to the late Mohbad. He tweeted “RIP Mohbad AKA Imole” on September 19, 2023. The homage was also shared by the rapper on his Instagram.

While some Nigerians might be surprised by Lil Durk’s tribute, the rapper has a sizable fan base there and his song “All My Life,” which features J Cole, peaked at No. 1 on the Apple Music and Spotify Nigeria charts.

After footage of him being bullied by some individuals surfaced online, requests for the police to look into any potential. Foul play followed Mohbad’s death.

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