Annie Idibia celebrates her husband Tuface’s belated birthday.

Annie Idibia celebrates her husband Tuface's belated birthday.

Annie Idibia, a Nigerian actress, celebrated her late-birthday husband Innocent ‘Tuface’ Idibia on Instagram.

She shared a video to her Facebook honoring her guy by presenting the many accolades and plaques the artist has collected over the years. Even though she technically commemorates him every day, she initially stated that she was unable to mark the occasion on his actual birthday since she was in mourning. However, she is now prepared to do so.

The birthday of “A Guy” was on September 18; she wrote, “Been so quiet…heart so heavy. Refused to celebrate or do anything concerning his BD I CELEBRATE YOU EVERYDAY,ANY GIVEN TIME.”

She continued to gush over Tuface, praising him and confessing her love for him. She emphasized that she would keep commemorating his birthday for the remainder of September.

Every day with you is a rare blessing and celebration, and hey baby… yassss it’s your birthday everyday until month is over. Happy birthday to you my World. God bless you Sir @official2baba, she continued. “Heart so golden… you see the best in everyone. Never judging… so selfless… A KING with the heart of a child. It’s your birthday everyday to me.. I love you.

The couple wed on May 2, 2012, and they also had a second celebrity-studded wedding ceremony in Dubai in March 2013. Since then, their union has produced two stunning daughters named Olivia and Isabella.


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