Asap Rocky set to stand trial early next year for firing gun at friend.

- Asap Rocky set to stand trial early next year for firing gun at friend.

ASAP Rocky is accused of firing a gun at a former friend, and he will go on trial in January.

After being accused of shooting his former friend ASAP Relli with a semiautomatic handgun, ASAP Rocky will go on trial in January.

On Monday, November 20, at a preliminary hearing in Los Angeles, Judge M.L. Villar found that there is enough evidence to allow Rocky, 35, to go to trial. The rapper, whose actual name is Terell Ephron, was allegedly directed and shot at Relli two years ago, according to the prosecution. Mayers is the rapper’s birth name. The date of the trial is January 8, 2024.

Rocky faces up to nine years in jail if found guilty of the two felonies of assault with a firearm.

Rocky, who entered a not guilty plea in August 2022, vehemently defended his innocence once more during the Monday hearing.

Outside the courtroom, Rocky’s lawyer Joe Tacopina told reporters, “I am certain Rocky will be vindicated of all of this.”

In April 2022, Rocky was apprehended at an airport while returning to the United States from a Barbados vacation with. His girlfriend Rihanna, with whom he has two children.

Following the airport arrest, the Los Angeles Police Department released a statement on X (formerly Twitter) that stated, “the suspect. Has been identified as 33-year-old Rakim Mayers, a Los Angeles resident, better known as music artist ASAP Rocky.”

Rocky allegedly got into a fight with a “acquaintance” in November 2021, according to the LAPD at the time. During an altercation, the suspect shot the victim with a firearm, injuring them. Rocky and two other guys allegedly fled the scene while the victim only had minor injuries, according to the authorities.

Rocky was taken into custody and freed a few hours later on a $550,000 bail. When he showed up in court in August 2022, Relli filed a second civil suit accusing him of assault, violence, and mental distress.

According to Relli, Rocky took him to a secret location “to discuss a disagreement between the two of them,” as. His lawyers Brian Hurwitz and Jamal Tooson told Rolling Stone in August.

“Mr. Ephron was unaware that ASAP Rocky was carrying a semiautomatic handgun and wasn’t just there to have a conversation.”

“After arriving at the location, a conversation ensued whereby ASAP Rocky produced the handgun and purposefully fired multiple shots at Mr. Ephron without provocation, warning, or any justification,” the lawyers went on.

Relli continued by claiming that his career has suffered and that he has gotten death threats as a result of the incident.

In a statement, Rocky’s legal team refuted Relli’s account of what happened. “In general, the defendant refutes every allegation made in the complaint, and in particular, the defendant disputes that Plaintiff has suffered any kind of harm or loss as a consequence of any action or inaction on the part of the defendant,” the attorneys said.

“The injuries and/or damages, if any, that were mentioned in the complaint were caused exclusively, directly, and close by the acts or omissions of answering defendant or by their negligence and/or intentionality.”


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