Award winning producer Krizbeatz releases ” King of the New Wave” Deluxe.

Award winning producer Krizbeatz releases " King of the New Wave" Deluxe.

King of the New Wave‘ Deluxe Edition is released by Grammy-winning producer Krizbeatz.

One of the most reliable producers and tastemakers in the African music landscape has been Krizbeatz.

The artist Chris Alvin Sunday, who debuted over ten years ago, has influenced the sounds of modern Afropop, particularly in. Terms of the percussion and the mood he produces, whether on his own songs or those created by others.

The ‘King of the New Wave’ EP, which was a vibrant display of Krizbeatz’s production skills, was released last year.

The project was a mosaic of all Krizbeatz has accomplished in the game over the course of his career, drawing on his broad network of partners from Africa and beyond.

Since that time, Krizbeatz has carried the spirit and message of that masterfully produced song to every corner of the globe.

The deluxe edition of “King of the New Wave (KOTNW)” will be released by Krizbeatz in October as a part of the post-release package. Each music that is newly introduced to the KOTNW sonic world is accompanied by a profound feeling of consideration, as. Is the case with all things Krizbeatz.

It’s a wonderful reimagining of what was undoubtedly one of the most fascinating undertakings of last year, with new performers. Being added or the production receiving new touches.

The fundamental sonic exploration on the deluxe remixes of “Abena” and “Wild Party” stems from the Afro Dance Music (ADM) style, which was. Developed by Krizbeatz.

The vocals of 1Da Banton and Mbosso are energized in the first song, while the intensity of the second song is soulfully encircled by Krizbeatz’s touches that evoke the outdoors. Bella Shmurda, Rayvanny, and the Wave Choir’s vocals are expertly weaved together to create two songs that are virtually. Brand-new records.

Krizbeatz is demonstrating once again that he is in a class by releasing the deluxe edition of his product.


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