Ay Daughter clocks 16.

Ay Daughter clocks 16.

Fearful Ayo Makun Says, “Seeing My Baby Girl Turn 16 Is Scary”

A message on Michelle’s 16th birthday, which fell on February 1st, was written by comedian AY Makun.

Seeing his daughter become sixteen is both beautiful and terrifying, the comedian said in an Instagram post. Michelle was beautiful, intelligent, and mature beyond AY’s wildest dreams.

God’s blessings as she ages were another thing he prayed for. As said by AY

It is both beautiful and terrifying to watch my darling girl Michelle turn 16 years old.

Adeola, however, you have already shown to be a unique young woman with a wealth of insight due to your age, beauty, and brilliant mind.

Thank You, Lord, for bestowing upon me my daughter. Show her how to love and respect our family.

Assist her in becoming Ayomide’s best big sister and get her ready to start a family of her own in the future. Give her heart over to reverence and continuing learning about the real principles that bind a family together.

Assist her in making her family proud rather than ashamed or embarrassed. Please, Lord, show her that you care for her and want what’s best for her.

Give her wonderful friends who will cherish and look out for her, and who will also inspire her to walk closely to You.

Dear God, I am grateful for my daughter’s blessing. Show her the value and affection for our family. Help her prepare for having her own family someday and help her be the best big sister she could be to Ayomide. Continue to grasp the genuine principles that bind a family together and open her heart to be respected. Assist her in bringing her family honor rather than shame or misery. Thank you, Lord, for letting her know that we care about her and love her.

Allocate greater insight and wisdom to her in all her relationships, and establish her as a model Christian woman for everyone she meets. Father, please grant her favor with those who have power over her.

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