Ayrra Starr says she is already prepared for the Grammy Awards Day.

Ayrra Starr says she is already prepared for the Grammy Awards Day.

My Grammy outfit and acceptance speech are ready, says Ayra Starr.

Prior to the Grammy Awards, Ayra Starr is feeling really upbeat.

With so many of their country’s celebrities competing for the most important music award, Nigerians’ attention has turned to the. Upcoming 2024 Grammy Awards.

Amazing singer Ayra Starr disclosed in a Cool FM Lagos interview that she has practiced her acceptance speech, walk, and outfit for the 66th Grammy Awards.

During an interview with well-known OAP DOTUN, Ayra Starr said that she was prepared for the Grammy Awards, where. Her smash song “Rush” was nominated for Best African Song Performance.

When asked what her first plan was following her Grammy win, Ayra replied that she would first go to her. Favorite Chinese restaurant for dinner and then make a video call to her mother.

As Ayra got ready for the Grammys, she declared, “I have my speech. I have everything done already. I already know my walk and my outfit.”

The incredible vocalist is a first-time candidate in the inaugural category, which is completed by Grammy winner Burna Boy, plus South Africa’s Tyla, Asake & Olamide, and fellow Nigerian celebrities Davido.

Ayra Starr went on to say that she had her costume and acceptance speech ready for 2025 and any future years in case she doesn’t win this year.

Trevor Noah, a comedian from South Africa, will host the 66th Grammy Awards, which are scheduled to take place on February 5 at Crypto Arena in Los Angeles, USA.

Starr tells GRAMMY.com, “I’m constantly trying, constantly bettering myself, to show people I didn’t come perfect.” “I do have down and negative times where I’m in my head, I’m tired, or I’m not motivated. So, in a way, it’s sort of a selfish thing where I make those songs for myself.”

Because of her continuous commitment to her profession, Starr has become a formidable and hardworking musician whose music is heard all over the world. Starr’s desire for perfection stems from an artistic selfishness that pushes her to advance her musical abilities and change constantly.

Source: africanworldentertainment.com

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