Baba Tee Recalls being accused of Assault by his ex-wife in London.

Baba Tee Recalls being accused of Assault by his ex-wife in London.

Baba Tee remembers that his former wife in London accused him of violence.

He added that he was holding out for the ideal opportunity to reveal the truth and refute the years-old lies propagated by the media.

The horrifying claims of abuse that Nollywood actor Baba Tee made during his marriage to writer Yetunde Oduwole, living in London, have come to light.

In an interview with The Honest Bunch Podcast, the actor discussed the turbulent relationship and revealed that he had allegedly been physically abused.

Baba Tee described a particular event that served as the catalyst for the abuse’s start in his account, Oduwole reacted. Violently to a straightforward exchange with someone during an event where he was taking pictures.

He stated “The first abuse I got was a big dirty slap, a heavy one it was a resounding slap. I would never forget in my life we went to a show and somebody hugged me and we took pictures. Together, and that was when I knew that I don enter wahala she kept mute when she was driving and. I was like, ‘What happened? What happened?'”

“When we got home, she hit me with a resounding slap and asked me, ‘Who was that person that you. Were hugging?'” Baba Tee continued to tell what happened.

From then on, the actor disclosed, the physical confrontations got more intense, with Oduwole allegedly hitting, slapping, and even grappling. With him.

“I couldn’t raise my hand because I didn’t want to go to prison,” Baba Tee said when he was asked why he decided against taking legal action.

Baba Tee fled to Nigeria following what he called a “toxic relationship,” only to run into legal issues when he. Later returned to London he revealed that he got a call from the police claiming that Oduwole’s life had been threatened and that he had been accused of assault. He was ultimately proclaimed free in 2015 after having to retain legal counsel to present his side of the tale.

The actor thanked the British justice system for its impartial treatment of the case.

The dissolution of Baba Tee and Oduwole’s union in 2013 was attributed to irreconcilable issues he did, however, refute ever. Being married to Oduwole in a TVC interview at the time.


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