Banky W Pleads with the Armed Forces to be clear and through in the investigation of Mohbad’s Death.

Banky W Pleads with the Armed Forces to be clear and through in the investigation of Mohbad's Death.

In his ongoing probe into the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s death, Banky W has encouraged the police to exhaust all possible leads.

Nigerian triple threat Bankole Wellington has commented on the tragic passing of street musician Mohbad, alias Imole, from Nigeria. He expressed his sadness over the singer’s mysterious passing in an interview with BBC Pidgin. For the benefit of all those involved, Banky emphasized the importance of a thorough investigation.

For the sake of his wife, his son, admirers, and acquaintances, he added, “The story of Mohbad’s death is a tragic and sad one; it was horrible what happened to him. There have been two things on my mind: first, his death; honestly, they need to perform a proper inquiry.

According to what I’ve heard, the governor has involved the DSS in the probe, but they should do a comprehensive. Investigation because everyone is watching.

He then requested the police to thoroughly investigate into two things: the reason of his death, and his mistreatment while living. The singer/actor/cum politician stressed that the investigations need to be clear to prevent people from assuming the worst. On social media in a state of panic.

He stated, “They need to find out what happened and the circumstances surrounding his death. The inquiry is crucial to learning the truth about what killed him since we are all attentively monitoring so that. It won’t appear as though we are all drawing hasty judgments.

Even though it has been a while since I worked in the music business, it has been devastating to watch how this story has developed over the past week. The second is the misery he endured while he was still alive because there is no explanation in the universe. As to why he was forced to endure bullying and intimidation without a place to hide.

Mohbad sadly passed away on September 12, 2023 and was buried the next day given the sudden nature of his. Death and the abuse he suffered in the hands of his former label. Banky W also noted that there should be procedures put in place to protect people so that intimidators understand that there are consequences for mistreating other people.

Following his passing, there was a widespread clamor for a probe into his death, and soon the police responded and opened an investigation. On September 21, 2023, his body was exhumed for an autopsy; now the public is waiting for the findings.


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