BB Naija Alumite: Victoria Adeleye Fondly called Vee Ordered arrest for a plumber who over charged her for a work of #20,000 to #150,000.

BB Naija Alumite: Victoria Adeleye Fondly called Vee Ordered arrest for a plumber who over charged her for a work of #20,000 to #150,000.

BBNaija 2020 candidate Victoria Adeleye alias Vee alleges that a plumber she hired conned her out of more than N130,000 for a shoddy work.

BBNaija revealed that for a work that should have cost N20,000 to fix the tap in her home, he paid N150,000 in numerous installments.

Vee complained on her Twitter page on Wednesday after recounting the incident.

BBNaija complained that she had to keep calling him back and paying for each visit since the tap he replaced didn’t stop acting up.

Vee stated that it had broken twice in the previous two days. When she phoned a different plumber to fix it, he informed her that the first had just turned off her water from the outside while charging her for labor each time.

The musician swore to have her plumber detained and imprisoned.

“My plumber conned me and got 150k for a 20k job, and one IDIOT is telling me it’s because “everyone is hungry,” she tweeted. He will eat in jail. If we don’t start holding terrible actors accountable, this kind of evil will undoubtedly affect everyone. I don’t even mind that people are making excuses or laughing, by the way.

I lamented the malfunction of my kitchen tap. To mend it, he came. I requested that he also change the kitchen faucet. 

According to him, the tap cost $15,000, and the rest of the materials and labor cost another $5,000. I paid without hesitation.

A week later, my tap stopped operating once more. He said that the filter had a problem. The whole cost was around $22,000. “Fixed” by him. I paid.

My tap stopped running again two weeks later. He claimed he wanted to purchase new pipes and connect the water in my kitchen to a separate pumping device. I didn’t interfere because I had absolutely no knowledge of plumbing. He concluded by stating that the total was 95k. I paid.

My tap started acting up once more two days ago. Since I wanted to hire a different plumber, I made no attempt to contact him or inform him in any way. This idiot contacted me yesterday and claimed that he thought my filter might be clogged. I instructed him to check nonetheless and to come.

He arrived at my residence today and announced that he had to replace the filter for the 46k. When I answered “no” and spoke to a different person, they explained that the plumber was merely turning off my water from outside. NOTHING was wrong with my sink.

I’m a lone resident. I therefore have no knowledge at all. I’m used to giving folks the benefit of the doubt because I was raised in a very different environment. I therefore never had any suspicions. I detest how commonplace this behavior has become among Nigerians.


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