BB Naija Star Mercy Eke tearfully recounts lacks of support from housemates.

BB Naija Star Mercy Eke tearfully recounts lacks of support from housemates.

Mercy Eke, a star of “BBNaija,” sobs as she talks about the housemates’ lack of support.

Going back into the house gave her the impression that she had done something wrong at some point.

The winner of Big Brother Naija’s fourth season, started crying as she talked about how little support she had in the All Stars season house.

They discussed how she was harassed for going back to the house with media figure Hero Daniels, and how it affected her. Mercy remembered how she started to feel like she was asking for too much by trying for the cash award. A second time, like she was asking for too much or aiming for the stars.

She went on to say, “I feel like I’m too ambitious, people made me feel like I’m asking for too much. What did I do wrong? I did not commit any crime. The only crime I committed was wanting more, and I ask again, is that a bad thing for a person to want more.”

She testified, with tears in her eyes, that Whitemoney, another winner from a prior season, had different treatment from her within the house. She continued by saying that during her stay in the house, her fan network was the only source of support.

“I recall that we also had a winner in that home, but both inside and outside the home, they gave me. A different vibe.

I didn’t have any support outside my followers, and I’m not lying when I say that I went through nothing but pure hatred and wickedness; it’s still fresh in my mind. I merely bundle myself and don’t even have that much. The reality TV personality claimed that nobody would notice if she skipped meals.

The actress said, “I felt like I was being picked on by people who thought I was already successful and. Didn’t need to come back to the show, but for me, the only reason they would feel like I’m better. Off is because of how well-put-together I seemed online.”

I’m starting to understand that it’s challenging for individuals to support someone they believe to be successful, as many were. Expressing.

Why is she there when she has done this before? People just noticed the effort I put in; they didn’t take the time to understand what I had to do to get there; instead. They focused on the glamorous aspects, she continued.

During the recently finished All Stars competition, which Ilebaye won, the reality TV personality placed second.


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