BBNAIJA finalist cross almost took a voluntary exit from the show.

BBNAIJA finalist cross almost took a voluntary exit from the show.

Ikechukwu Sunday Okonkwo, aka Cross, has admitted that he once felt too sick to stay in the BBNaija All Stars house because of the negativity there.

In an interview with well-known media figure Miracle OP, reality TV star Cross admitted that the incessant fighting in the house started to get to him during the second or third week, to the point where he wanted to ask Big Brother for a voluntary withdrawal.

“While I was living in the Big Brother House, a lot of things occurred. I experienced some sadness for two to three weeks. There was a time when I really desired to approach Big Brother and inform him that I was finished.

I was very itching to get out of here,” he said.

He described the energy in the house as “dark and toxic,” adding that it affected him more than his first time in the Big Brother house in 2019 and that he could not imagine himself being happy there.

It was just a strange atmosphere that made it impossible for him to see himself happy or doing much. He said, “The house was so gloomy; bickering, disputes, toxins. There were a lot of powerful energies and they were dimming me.

I was unable to be myself. In contrast to my previous season, the home sometimes got to me.

Cross was a finalist in the most current season of the reality series, All Stars, which finished on October 1, 2023. During his time in the house, like everyone else, he got into fights with other residents, one of which was with the season’s eventual victor, Ilebaye, over a lost drink.

Cross got along with Kim Oprah, who he claimed was the one who kept him sane during the reality TV show, and the two of them were also involved in a love triangle involving Pere. Thankfully, the complications did not endanger the two men’s friendship.

It’s interesting to note that Cross is not the only former resident to lament the negativity of the program. After winning her season in 2022 and receiving criticism for it, Ijeoma Josephina Otabor, aka Phyna, added some insight.

Ikechukwu Sunday Okonkwo, aka Cross, a finalist on Big Brother Naija All Stars, claimed that the reality program was “dark and toxic” and that he almost left on his own volition at one point.

He revealed this in a recent interview with media figure Miracle OP.

Cross remarked, “A lot of things happened when I was in the Big Brother House. For two or three weeks, I felt a little depressed.

“There was a time when I really wanted to go to Big Brother and tell him that I was finished. I was desperate to get out of the house.

“There was so much conflict, toxicity, and darkness in the House. It was simply a different energy that prevented me from picturing myself joyful. I didn’t think I would do very much. There were numerous powerful forces present, and they were dimmering me. I was unable to be myself because The House affected me differently than it did during my first season.

He claimed that having KimOprah as a house guest on the show helped to calm him down.


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