BBNAIJA Housemate Doyin says ” I don’t endorse sex for money or date a broke man.

BBNAIJA Housemate Doyin says " I don't endorse sex for money or date a broke man.

Doyinsola David, a contestant on Big Brother Naija, has declared her opposition to the ostensibly popular “sugar daddy” phenomena.

She made her announcement during an interview with well-known media figure Chude Jideonwo.

She said, “We all have ways that we express our love, if I have a boyfriend and his method of expressing his love to me is by giving me money and buying me gifts it is not a negative thing. However, in my books, transactional sex involving money is improper.

I don’t encourage sex for money since I wouldn’t engage in sexual activity with a partner just for financial gain.

She continued by saying that she believes some guys are hypocrites because they criticize women for having sugar daddies while simultaneously criticizing those who desire stable men financially.

Doyin emphasized that while she is financially comfortable herself, she is one of the ladies who rejects partnerships with financially insecure, “broke” guys.

She continued by highlighting the fact that people are free to make their own decisions, saying, “I’m not supporting girls who have sugar daddies, I am supporting every adult who has the right to decide how they want to live their lives.”

The reality personality defended her remarks that money is crucial to keeping women content in relationships during an edition of her podcast Doyin’s Corner.

She faced criticism at the time for her remarks since some saw them as a support for sex in exchange for money.

All of this happened before she returned to the currently running Big Brother Naija All Stars season. She also recently became the show’s head of house, making her only the second woman to do so this season.


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