BBNAIJA Housemate Phyna responds to chichi #100m law suit against her.

BBNAIJA Housemate Phyna responds to chichi #100m law suit against her.

After remaining silent for two months, Big Brother Naija season seven winner Ijeoma Josephina Otabor, also known as Phyna, has spoken up.

The reality star claims that the situation is more complicated than her housemate Chichi initially indicated. Phyna said that something Chichi said to her led to her attack on her rival during the reunion program in a guest appearance on the With Chude podcast with media personality Chude Jideonwo.

She added, “That section was mute, but the way I attacked her, they should have realized she said something. because you body shamed me the day before, calling me shapeless and having droopy boobs.

I had to say the term to her that she would remember in her heart and mind for that reason. I had to remind her that there is things because you can’t be body-shaming someone who has a natural physique like mine.

On a tit-for-tat basis, the model defended her behavior, claiming that Chichi had brought up her abortions; in response, the latter had brought up the ‘child abandonment’ allegations, claiming that her housemate had left her husband and two children in Benin City.

In her words, “You called me an abortionist, I reminded you that you have two kids that you abandoned.” She also claimed that “one of Chichi’s children passed away as a result of her abandonment.”

Phyna continued by saying that although she was taken aback to learn that she was being sued in court, she was unfazed by it. She claims that she purposefully disregarded the lawsuit because she was prepared to pursue legal action. She even bought a suit in advance of their hearing to show that she wasn’t going to back down.

“Two days later, she filed a lawsuit against me for N100 million for libel and character defamation. I called my attorney to ask what would happen if we didn’t respond to the lawsuit. My attorney threatened to file charges against me in court if we didn’t respond within 7 days. To be ready for court, I went shopping the following day. I adore trouble, even though I don’t like it,” she admitted.

The season seven winner is now openly recognizing the lawsuit for the first time since it was first drafted back in July 2023.


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