BBNAIJA Housemate Princess had learned to love and live with the scar on her face.

BBNAIJA Housemate Princess had learned to love and live with the scar on her face.

Princess, an evicted Big Brother All Stars housemate, has described how she came to terms with having a scar on her face.

The reality star discussed how a car accident in 2019 left her with facial scars while speaking with media personality Chude Jideonwo. On her way to the Abuja airport, she was involved in a vehicle accident, and ever since, she has had. A hard time loving herself because of the scar.

Princess emphasized in her narration that her face was always the portion of her body that received the most compliments. And that she grew up being told that she was beautiful, so after getting hurt there, she struggled with her. Self-esteem.

You know when you grow up and all your life you’ve been that beautiful girl; I’ve been beautiful since I was 5,” she said. “In 2019, I had an accident on my way to the airport. I had a job here in Lagos, and close to the airport in Abuja, I had an accident, and my life changed because I didn’t know how I would live with a scar on my face.”

She noted that the scar was one of the reasons she walked away from the spotlight. Shortly after her accident, the COVID-19 lockdown occurred, and she looked at it every day.

Princess felt compelled to dig within and embrace herself with the scar because she had always believed that her attractiveness. Came from her face features alone.

She was a contestant on Big Brother Naija’s “shine your eye” season before the All Star season in 2021. [Instagram/IamPrincessOfficial].

When there was a lockdown, COVID-19 as a whole had to witness my daily awakening to a scar on my face. My lip has a scar from when I put on the camera to record a video. It actually distracted me from my cameras. The reality star continued, “I truly think that’s part of the reason I gave up.

Princess claimed that without God, she would not have been able to maintain her sense of calm.

she managed to get alone the depressed spell. The All-Star saw that she had successfully changed her perspective to see beyond her appearance.


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