BBNAIJA Housemate, Suffered from depression after reunion show.

BBNAIJA Housemate, Suffered from depression after reunion show.

Chinenyenwa Okoebor, a.k.a. Chichi, a former Big Brother Naija contestant, has admitted that she had sadness following the reunion episode.

When discussing her difficulties in an interview with well-known media personality Chude Jideonwo, she mentioned this. Chichi emphasized that she still experiences depression on occasion and that, despite not being online all the time, she still finds it challenging to remain active on social media.

After the reunion, she admitted, “I was in a dreadful situation because I thought I went there to be destroyed, to be rendered useless, my brand and everything. I deactivated my Instagram, and even now I am on and off because it’s not easy for me.

She emphasized that she had experienced a great deal of hardship and suffering as she recounted her life experiences. Chichi also mentioned that she experienced a lot of violence as a child, including physical, emotional, and even sexual assault. She attributed her need for independence to the fact that she began stripping.

I’ve experienced things that a girl child shouldn’t have to, she added. Simply consider anything you can; I’ve been there. I have witnessed every type of abuse, both physical and sexual. Many things occurred, which is why I started stripping, but because Nigerians aren’t ready to relate to my tale, many people wouldn’t understand.

The reality star noted that everything she received and all she accomplished had a cost. She claimed that the only thing she received for free was the chance to take part in the show.

“Nothing I have obtained has been given to me for free. She cried as she said, “The only thing I got for free was Big Brother Naija. I don’t know how it occurred, but I simply thank God because nobody has ever seen anything nice in me, even when I was a youngster.

Chichi also talked about the lawsuit she filed against Phyna, another housemate, who she claimed had slandered her and said things that greatly hurt her.


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