BBNaija Housemates, Cec – c and Ilebaye make peace after a heated argument in the house.

BBNaija Housemates, Cec - c and Ilebaye make peace after a heated argument in the house.

Ike was identified as the criminal they were all looking for on Big Brother Naija All Stars, much to the surprise of certain housemates.

Tonight, Big Brother revealed who was responsible for the vandalism to Ilebaye’s belongings. The tapes that showed Ike dumping Ilebaye’s belongings into the bathroom, the guys meeting to make sure Ilebaye gets provoked. And Venita and Seyi’s present during Ike’s act were played to the housemates during a gathering in the living room.

Ike received a strike for goading and provocating Ilebaye by damaging his personal property. If he makes it through Sunday’s eviction, he will also receive another penalty the following week.

Big Brother also addressed Soma’s altercation with Angel after Thursday’s pool party, so Ike wasn’t the only one to receive a strike. Soma was observed tugging and attempting to compel Angel to speak, but Angel steadfastly refused to engage in dialogue.

Additionally, Soma could be seen flicking his finger in the direction of the camera during the replay. Kiddwaya received a strike for doing the same thing during his previous season. For intimidating a fellow housemate and disrespecting Big Brother, Soma received a strike. If he makes it through the eviction, his penalty will also be given next week.

Big Brother finished on an unexpected note when he disclosed that receiving three strikes is not a requirement for elimination. And that a roommate may be kicked out if they pose a threat to the other residents.

The Big Brother All Stars show’s guiding principles are shaken up by this new information, which also renders them hazy and ambiguous.

Ilebaye, or “The GenZ baddie,” is a housemate on Big Brother Naija All Stars. Due to her altercation with Cee-C and Doyin, she may receive a warning from. Big Brother or be given the exit.

Arguments, verbal fights, and emotional turmoil abounded in the days following the Saturday night party at the Biggie’s house.

Ilebaye was seen pulling Cee-C’s hair in a video of one of the tense exchanges between the two people.

When Ilebaye attacked, Cee-C on the opposite side yelled angrily, “Big Brother will be partial if he doesn’t issue you (Ilebaye) a strike.”

In a separate development, Doyin approached Ilebaye when she was summoned by Biggie for her acts and sought to warn her. Once more, Ilebaye lost her cool and shoved Doyin away.


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