BBNaija Star Phyna states why she refuses to date any man that already has a child.

BBNaija Star Phyna states why she refuses to date any man that already has a child.

The reason Phyna asks me not to date a man who is already a parent

She said that compared to single mothers, single fathers have greater baggage.

The star of Big Brother Naija, Phyna, has said that she is unable to date a single father because of “baby mama drama.”

As per the reality star’s statement, she can only enter into a relationship with a single father in the event. That the child’s mother is already married. In a recent interview with Tacha for her podcast Spill With Phyna, she. Revealed her preferences when it comes to dating.

Phyna described her distaste for dating single fathers as stemming from possible “baby mama drama,” emphasizing the difficulties in such relationships.

Particularly when the woman of the child continues to have an active role in the man’s life she emphasized that. She had seen instances in which the new mother causes the man stress and drama.

“I don’t know if I can date a guy who is a parent i know of two guys who are. Parents; they are my friends, and I’ve witnessed the drama that goes along with it i’ve seen scenarios where the. Baby mama will show up and ask, ‘Who are you leaving me for?’ The dynamics with guys are more chaotic and there’s more stress than when a girl has a child.

The baby mom just doesn’t want them to move on, regardless of whether the men like you or want to settle down with you.”

She also described a particular incident involving a well-known content producer, emphasizing the challenges the individual encountered in attempting to move on from his past.

“You will be troubled by these women let me explain there is a famous person in Nigeria who creates material. And has a child mother he is attempting to move on, but the girl does not want him to and. Since his child is with the girl and he needs to stay in contact with her in order to go. To the child, there is nothing he can do.

Personally, until the baby mom has remarried, I can’t deal with a man who is already a father. However, I can’t whether the baby mama is still in the photo,” Phyna said.

She said that it would be difficult for her to handle the possible complications of such a relationship if the man’s child’s mother is still involved.


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