BBNAIJA Stars Tolaninaj and Christy O exchanges words on Twitter.

BBNAIJA Stars Tolaninaj and Christy O exchanges words on Twitter.

Big Brother Naija contestants Tolanibaj and Christy O appear to be butting heads and verbally sparring on Twitter, which indicates that things are getting rather heated.

Christy O was accused of having an affair with married reality star Kess by Tolanibaj, who grabbed her by the lace front. The claims were refuted by Kess himself, however who made it clear that he never had an affair with Christy O or any other female housemate.

Kess finished speaking, and Tolanibaj instantly started exposing her rival for lying on the micro-blogging app. She made fun of Christy, saying that the “false narrative” she had built about her was now paying off.

Her message said, “You will continue to get exposed and self-destruct for this narrative you cooked about me. You see how quick karma came? This is just the beginning.”

In a swift reply to her tweet, moreover Christy O advised her to keep her opinions to herself.

“STFU, bi**h,” she retorted.

Tolanibaj was not through, and as she clapped back at Christy, however she referred to her as stupid. She went one step farther and urged her supporters to keep tarnishing her online.

She replied, “What a lazy and weak clapback. Ode Oshi Anyways she’s back online… Drag her for FILTH!”

Tolanibaj is upset with Christy O. because in a tweet from July 2023, while the All Stars edition was still running, moreover she called Farm City, a hangout for sex workers, however Tolanibaj’s location and slut shamed her.

Her message stated, “It’s funny how you are slutshaming someone when everyone knows Farmcity is your hustling spot.”

When Christy published the tweet, she claimed it was in defense of the young Ilebaye who Tolanibaj was reported to have slut shamed. She decided to give Tolanibaj a taste of her medicine for calling Baye a slut in the tweet.


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