Blackface knocks Nigeria Artist for their lack of Morals.

Blackface knocks Nigeria Artist for their lack of Morals.

Nigerian musicians are criticized by Blackface for their moral failings.

In Nigerian music, according to Blackface, there is a flagrant lack of morals.

One-third of the famed Afrobeats trio Platainshun Boiz, which also includes 2Baba FKA 2Face and Faze, Blackface’s songs helped shape the genre in its formative years.

According to Blackface, there is a declining morality in Nigerian music while he was a guest on The Honest Bunch podcast. Blackface made a reference however to Rema’s song “Charm,” which he saw as a demeaning tune that exhibited an egregious. Lack of morality.

Blackface asserts that music is produced by musicians from the heart, and that the lyrics reflect the artists’ emotional states.

The lack of morally and socially pertinent issues in the songs, he continued, makes the musicians behind this music a bad reflection on Nigeria.

Blackface reiterated on the podcast that Afrobeats singers continue to illegitimately sample his music and add their own vocals to it.

Wizkid and Burna Boy’s song “Ginger” is a version of the previous Plantainshun Boiz’s song “Twist & Turn,” which rose to popularity with the hit track “Hard Life.” Additionally, he claimed that one of his songs served as inspiration for Olamide’s “Don’t Stop.”

Blackface has a history of accusing musicians of copying his tunes, which dates back to his protracted legal spat with. 2Baba FKA 2face over the latter’s hugely successful single “African Queen.” He has also claimed that Asake, a celebrity of Afrobeats, stole his look for his famous song. “Joha.”

Blackface, actual name Augustine Ahmedu, engaged in a legal dispute with 2Baba about ownership of the hit song. “African Queen,” which he claims he wrote while Plantainshum Boiz was still together, after the. Group broke up.

Blackface has asserted that he was the author of the majority of the boy band’s hit singles, while the other band members. Have consistently refuted this.


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