Blessing CEO attests that the Guinness World Record holder ” Hilda Bassey ” is loved by Nigerians mainly because of her curvaceous body.

Blessing CEO attests that the Guinness World Record holder " Hilda Bassey " is loved by Nigerians mainly because of her curvaceous body.

According to self-described relationship expert Blessing CEO, Nigerians like world record holder Hilda Bassey mostly because of her curvy body.

Blessing Okoro, aka Blessing CEO, discussed the popular Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBLs) during an interview for the most recent episode of the Terms & Conditions podcast.

She expressed her belief that a woman’s physical attractiveness attracts men before her intellect there. She made reference to the celebrated chef Hilda Bassey to support her argument.

I’m going to pick Hilda Bassey, who became famous for her cuisine, because it was really her physique, not the food itself, that won us over.

Hilda defies the notion that “pretty women don’t like to work,” she continued, adding that the chef is a stunning woman with aspirations to match. Blessing added that Nigerians only supported her totally after becoming captivated to her attractiveness.

The relationship expert continued, “Let’s be honest, there’s a stereotype that fine females don’t work when she started going viral and we started witnessing how lovely she is and how hard-working she is.

Therefore, having both the body and the head helps you accomplish things. Nigerians came out in full force when they realized how attractive she was and how willingly invested her energy was.

She went on to say that she gets more attention now that she has a BBL compared to before her surgery, and she counseled ladies to have both the body and the brains to keep people’s attention.

If you have a BBL like I do, people will approach you. Ever since I acquired a BBL, so many people who previously avoided me have approached me and asked me out.

Because of this, I advise having both nyash and brains. First, the nyash attracts people to you, and then the brain and beauty come into play when they realize you have more to offer.

Days prior, Blessing CEO responded to socialite Pretty Mike’s claim that her BBL was the worst he had ever seen by going live on Instagram, saying, “So people have been tagging me on Instablog, saying that Pretty Mike said I have the worst BBL. “Bro, where is that coming from?” I ask.I don’t have the worst BBL,’ she said, displaying her body.

The socialite made his claim while discussing physical augmentation in the prior episode of the Terms and Conditions podcast. Blessing argued that in contrast to previous butt lifts, hers looks really natural.

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