The Griot

A talented but shy storyteller faces betrayal after his best friend steals his tales in order to impress the woman they both love.

Idahosa Trails

A British journalist travels to the ancient city of Benin in Nigeria to investigate the secret rites performed during the coronation of a new king.


The term “irreconcilable differences” is a phrase used in family law as one of the grounds that can be cited for a no-fault divorce. Different states also use the terms incompatibility and irremediable or irretrievable breakdown.

From Lagos with Love

Members of a family come from far and wide to celebrate the holidays, but the youngest daughter is celebrating for a different reason: she is engaged to be married.

When Men Promise

A man believes the only way to keep his wife under check is by getting her pregnant yearly to keep men away from her.

African Moot

AFRICAN MOOT follows four law student teams from across Africa as they travel to Botswana to compete in the largest mock court competition on the continent.

Chief Daddy 2

The Beecroft family is ready to spend all of Chief Daddy's inheritance, but not if the CEO of his company has anything to do with it.

Bedwin Hacker

A woman (Sonia Hamza) hacks into European television frequencies to broadcast pro-Arab messages.


A recently engaged lady re-thinks her decision when she finds out about a strange but powerful deity in her fiancé's family.

Haunted Pleasures

A philanderer is caught in the web of his own antics after meeting a broken-hearted lady.

No Sudden Move

In 1954 Detroit, small-time criminals are hired to steal a document. When their heist goes horribly wrong, their search for who hired them -- and for what purpose - sends them wending through all echelons of the race-torn, rapidly changing city.

African Movies & Entertainment

African civilizations have long inspired the rest of the globe through arts like movies and music. But now that investors, multinational corporations, and social media platforms are demonstrating a big demand for the market, startup funding is increasing, original content is being invested in, and there are more people from across the world tuning in. African artists now have unprecedented opportunities to promote their work and advance their careers in previously unthinkable ways.