BNXN breaks down each track on his debut Lp” Sincerely Benson”.

BNXN breaks down each track on his debut Lp" Sincerely Benson".

BNXN analyzes each song on his debut album, “Sincerely Benson.”

“This is about accountability and what I want for my future.”

Bnxn extends an offer to his listeners to accompany him on the next leg of his adventure in the song “Sincerely, Benson.”

This debut album gives us access to his most private thoughts and feelings by presenting a number of raw realizations through tasteful composition.

“I wanted to give people a very direct experience of my life since [his 2022 EP] Bad Since ’97,” Bnxn says to Apple Music. “I envisioned this record as a message or emotional envelope. Because I experienced a lot of things and incorporated them into the song, it is quite vulnerable. In some way, I want people to be a part of my life.

Sincerely, Benson, which combines his characteristic Afro-fusion with influences from Amapiano, gospel, dancehall, and indie music, communicates the results of Bnxn’s soul-searching. It was inspired by his encounters with his environment, celebrity, spirituality, and romance. “There are songs for solemnity, reflection, heartbreak, and acceptance,” he says. “I wanted to simultaneously make people happy, so it’s a positive experience,”

Daniel Benson, aka Bnxn, walks through some of his album’s important songs on Apple Music in this video.

A. “My Life”

“This song, in my opinion, is intended for artists. There are some things that occur to us that other people either don’t fully comprehend or don’t always see. Because that’s your life, you must just persevere through it.

I talk about the times when I don’t have anything, but I’m still me—still Daniel—in this incredibly personal poem. In this environment, when you are the center of attention, everything is focused on you. Some people care enough to view our friendship as something we must maintain, while others regard it as a chance to show off. I was attempting to analyze these things. I had to write that down since I couldn’t have predicted how many other individuals would have felt that way.

Max Damage, featuring Headie One

“‘Maximum Damage’ is me highlighting the idea that the sound is about to explode out at any moment. It will be enormous and will have the ability to enslave the entire earth.


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