Bolaji Ogunmola sets to release her latest feature film ” Anjola”.

Bolaji Ogunmola sets to release her latest feature film " Anjola".

Bolaji Ogunmola, a Nigerian actress, switches up her role this time around to produce the feature film Anjola.

The film will follow the lives of a married couple whose love is put to the test by a significant. Conflict between their wishes that arises in the course of a single night, with one wishing a natural conception and the other doubting. The limits of belief.

Ogunmola, who also serves as the lead act, said in an exclusive interview with Shock.Ng that she is only involved in the production because she wants to make sure that this particular tale is portrayed.

According to the actor who played the role, “I had to dig deep and search for places in me that I did not even know existed to feel Anjola,” he added when describing the. Difficulties he faced.

and recount her ordeal. It was difficult, but I think we handled it well,” she said.

Valentine Edochie is directing the all-star cast, which also features Jude Chukuwa, Elozonam Ogbolu, Bimbo Akintola, and Femi Jacobs.

The author Mannie Oiseomaye, who also discussed the significance of the story, said that it took one year to complete.

As he put it, “What’s important is not that the story is being told now, but rather that the story is being told. The pressure to become a mother is a pain most women know too well, and this movie calls attention to. That.”

Although a release date has not been set, it is anticipated that the feature film would first screen at festivals before going on to be seen by the general public.

a streaming service.

Anjola is prepared to deliver the urgently required strong message about the challenges of childbearing with its themes of motherhood. Depression, love, pain, support system, and patience.


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