Boston City declares March 2nd as the official day for Burna boy’s Day.

Boston City declares March 2nd as the official day for Burna boy's Day.

Furthermore Burna Boy’s Day is officially observed on March 2nd in the City of Boston.

In the United States, Burna Boy is now the most recent Nigerian musician to receive a day dedicated in his honor.

Burna Boy has been leading the charge in exporting African music since making his breakthrough on the global market because. To his amazing genre fusion and masterful stagecraft.

However the City of Boston has accomplished a historic milestone by designating the second Saturday in March of each year as Burna Boy Day. The inaugural celebration is scheduled for March 2, 2024.

Through his masterful stagecraft and amazing genre fusion, he promoted African music.

Burna Boy Day was officially established by the City of Boston on March 2, 2024, with the first celebration scheduled for Saturday, March 2.

The 2nd of March is designated as Burna Boy’s Day by Powered City of Boston

Burna Boy’s musical contributions to the advancement of African culture and ideas were acknowledged by the city, according to Councilor. Ruthzee Louijeune in addition, Burna Boy’s advocacy efforts and motivating talks on equality, representation, and social justice were recognized in. The press release.

Nigerians, the largest African immigrant group in the US and Massachusetts, have made significant contributions to promoting the country’s cultural diversity, which is acknowledged by the City of Boston.

Burna Boy becomes the third Nigerian musician in the United States to have an official day, following Wizkid and Davido.


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