Bridgerton and The Witcher are termed among the highest grossing Netflix soundtracks on spotify.

Bridgerton and The Witcher are termed among the highest grossing Netflix soundtracks on spotify.

Bridgerton‘ and ‘The Witcher’ are two of the most popular Spotify soundtracks for Netflix.

Spotify streams have generated a sizable profit for these Netflix soundtracks.

The study, done by the digital headphones publication Headphonesty, examined each official Spotify soundtrack for a. Netflix original movie or television show to identify the tunes that were streamed the most and calculated their anticipated royalties.

As each soundtrack had a different amount of tracks, the research concentrated on the top 10 most streamed songs from each to ensure fair comparisons.

Purple Hearts has received about £458,454 in royalties, making it the most streamed soundtrack moreover from a Netflix original series.

Tick, Tick…BOOM! the musical came in second place however with earnings from Spotify streams of £413,660. With three entries in the top 10, Bridgerton dominated the list.

Purple Hearts is by far the most streamed Netflix original series on Spotify, per Headphonestv’s study. Currently, the series has had more than 238 million Spotify streams, generating an estimated £458,454 in royalties. ‘Come Back Home’ has received more than 103 million plays alone, making it the most played song on the album. The success of Purple Hearts can be credited to Sofia Carson, who plays the lead role. All eight of the soundtrack’s tracks are sung by the well-known actress and singer who shot to prominence after appearing in. Disney’s Descendants series.

Tick, Tick, BOOM second-most well-liked Netflix soundtrack, with more than 214 million Spotify streams. Royalties from the musical, in which Andrew Garfield plays Jonathan Larson, are thought to have totaled £413,660. ’30/90′, the song with the most streams (more than 68 million), is the most well-liked track on the album.

According to the study, Bridgerton Season Two (Covers) is in third position. The soundtrack, which includes music by Kris Bowers, and the covers, which include covers of well-known songs like Material Girl and Wrecking Ball, are the two albums that make up Season 2 of Bridgerton. With more than 133 million streams and £257,238 in royalties, the covers album is the third most well-liked soundtrack from a Netflix original.

The soundtrack to Don’t Look Up is the fourth-most streamed Netflix original. Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, and Meryl Streep are among the impressive cast members of the sci-fi comedy movie from 2021, and its music has received over 86 million Spotify streams and £167,177 in royalties. The song with the most streams (more than 72 million) on the album, “Just Look Up,” features Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi.

The next season, Bridgerton Season One, comes in at number five overall. Nearly 80 million Spotify users have listened to the successful first season of the well-liked Netflix series, generating an estimated £153,900 in royalties. Three of the top ten entries belonged to Bridgerton, which dominated the analysis.


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