British Nigerian Star Samm Henshaw’s bringing his talent to Afrobeats

British Nigerian Star Samm Henshaw's bringing his talent to Afrobeats

In addition the talented British-Nigerian musician Samm Henshaw is contributing to Afrobeats.

He has collaborated with many well-known musicians from throughout the world, such as Pharrell Williams, Chance The Rapper, and James Bay.

Henshaw was exposed to a broad range of evangelical music as a child, shaping his early musical experiences. He was born in the United Kingdom to a preacher father.

Samm has always been involved in music, and he even attended college to study Popular Music Performance, which gave him the academic credentials to follow his passion on a professional level.

As for Samm’s university studies in music, “I am actually qualified to do what I do,” she remarks.

Was influenced by gospel music and groundbreaking artists like Kirk Franklin, Lauryn Hill, and Marvin Gaye. He used these inspirations to compose songs with catchy melodies and sharp lyrics.

He made his much praised debut in 2015 with the EP The Sound Experiment, then in 2016 he released a follow-up titled “The Sound Experiment 2.”

However they began traveling with celebrities like Rag’N’Bone Man and James Bay as soon as the business realized how talented he was.

‘Broke’, his 2018 release, was his big break into the public he achieved even greater commercial success with the release. Of “Church,” his powerful duet with the Atlanta-based duo EARTHGANG, which has received over 21 million Spotify plays and. Landed him a multi-track recording session.

Pharrell Williams is a Grammy-winning producer and singer-songwriter.

His debut album, “Untidy Soul,” which he published in 2022, demonstrated his variety and extraordinary artistic ability his skill gained. Him a spot on the stage of the renowned Glastonbury and an expanding fan base that enabled him to pack London’s renowned Electric Brixton.

Was raised in London, but he has never lost touch with his Nigerian roots Samm thinks that Afrobeats’ increasing popularity. Is a testament to the originality and tenacity of Nigerians, given that Nigerian music is receiving commercial attention elsewhere.

“Nigerians are always exceptional and dominate in many areas,” in reference to the expanding popularity of Nigerian music worldwide.

Furthermore the amazing vocalist, who has over a million monthly Spotify listeners, is drawn to Nigerian music and intends to. Experiment with Afrobeats. His debut record, “Jumoke,” is scheduled for release in October 2023.

However Samm’s first attempt at Afrobeats, “Jumoke,” was motivated by a late friend who had always encouraged him to explore the genre. He recorded the song in remembrance of this friend.

Hopes to work with British-Nigerian musicians such as Obong Jayer and Little Simz, and he plans to investigate all facets of Nigerian music.

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