Broada Shaggi says he is a feminist but has expectations from his girlfriend.

Broada Shaggi says he is a feminist but has expectations from his girlfriend.

Although Broda Shaggi claims to be a feminist, he has expectations for his partner.

“I’m a feminist as well. I believe in equal power for both genders. But I just feel there is a certain level of responsibility, that a lady should give her man,” stated the man.

The well-known Broda Shaggi, Samuel Animashaun, is a strong proponent of gender equality. However, he states that in a partnership, a woman should assign her partner a “certain level of responsibility.”

In a recent interview with actress Iyabo Ojo for her podcast, Gold Room with Iyabo Ojo, the creator of the sketch revealed that, even though he is a feminist, he has certain expectations from the lady he will marry.

He also discussed his reasons for remaining single.

“I’m not a fan of big weddings, even if I’m going to get married. I don’t think you should rush into it,” the actor responded. “I’m the type of person that likes to protect what I have. And I’m a one-man-one-woman type of person. If I should find [a wife], I have to be sure that this is the person I’m spending the rest of my life with,” he said.

“I’m a feminist who also thinks that women and men should have equal authority and share the same resources. Right now, ladies feel that men and women are the same.

However, I think it’s crucial that a woman offer her partner a certain amount of responsibility on both ends. That does not entail that the man should treat her badly,” he stated.

He also discussed the difficulties of sustaining his notoriety and his position as one of the best sketch writers during the conversation.

Since originality has always appealed to me, I’ve tried to stay true to who I am and not try to force anything. The road hasn’t been simple. It has not been easy. As he put it, “It’s been insane thus far. They say it’s difficult to rise to the top, but it’s tougher to stay there. In actuality, that is the hardest part,” he continued.


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