C.J Obasi’s Movie ” Mami Wata” is set for a final screening this December.

C.J Obasi's Movie " Mami Wata" is set for a final screening this December.

The last showing of “Mami Wata” by CJ Obasi is scheduled for December.

There are plenty of classic films available for viewers to enjoy this Christmas season.

This Christmas season, Mami Wata, the black and white film by CJ Obasi, will have its last showing of the year.

Obasi claims that Mami Wata would give a special presentation on Saturday, December 9, 2023, at the Surreal 16 Film. Festival in Lagos in a post on X, the former Twitter he said, “Perfectly symbolic to end the year’s run. With my S16 comrades see y’all in Lagos” .

A conversation on the making of the film with Obasi will also take place during the festival, which takes place. At the Alliance Auditorium.

The main narrative takes place in the far-off West African town of Iyi, where the locals worship the mermaid goddess under the tutelage of Rita Edochie’s character, Mama Efe, who serves as a go-between for the populace and the all-powerful water goddess.

With its striking black-and-white cinematography, Mami Wata surprised everyone in the country. But more significantly, it continues to smash records on a global scale.

Mami Wata has been the talk of the town wherever it goes, from its global premiere at Sundance earlier this year to its African premiere at FESPACO with worldwide deals along the way.

The film’s announcement by the Nigerian Official Selection Committee (NOSC) as

Nigeria’s formal Oscar 2024 submission, which was made on October 15, 2023.

Following a short theatrical run in Nigeria in September 2023 and a showing in the United Kingdom in November, it will now conclude the year with one more showing in Nigeria.

Source: africanworldentertainment.com

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