Iyabo Ojo rejects ‘bully’ label, opens up on the BTS of ‘RHOL’ season 2.

Iyabo Ojo rejects ‘bully’ label, opens up on the BTS of 'RHOL' season 2.

Iyabo Ojo discusses the “RHOL” season 2 BTS and opposes the term “bully.”

She is correcting misconceptions.

They addressing a number of issues once more, including her reason for trampling on Faith Morey’s garment in the opening. Episode of Season 2 of the popular reality series The Real Housewives of Lagos on Showmax.

The actress, who took on a villainous role this season, has drawn harsh criticism for certain behaviors that viewers and fellow cast members have referred to as “bullying.”

“I have a few things to clarify. In an Instagram Live session on Tuesday, the actress stated, “I need to clear the air a bit.”

She added that Faith Morey’s outfit was just for the event, despite the incident going viral where she trod on it. She continued by saying that at the time, she had apologized to Morey for the behavior. Her insistence was that “giving a show” included the majority of the scenes in which she acted aloof toward Morey.

“Many things were said to us then [that] we should do and we shouldn’t do when I signed on to The Real Housewives season one.” I went on the program only to follow orders and complete the tasks because I was unfamiliar with it and didn’t fully comprehend it,” the woman remarked.

She went on to say that while the show is partially scripted, real life is also a part of it.

“There is no script for the show. However, specific guidelines are provided to us, and it is altered to fit [particular narratives]. Additionally, we are given certain narratives to complete,” the woman remarked.

Some housewives have been forced to make public declarations declaring that the show is not totally real life due to disagreements over how genuine some of their cast mates’ sentiments toward one another have been during this season. They contend that a significant portion of the events were omitted from the show in order to fit specific narratives.

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