Cast of Agu Showmax’s legal drama series is filled with Nollywood Royalty.

Cast of Agu Showmax's legal drama series is filled with Nollywood Royalty.

Nollywood royalty can be seen in the cast of Showmax’s legal drama series “Agu.”

A star-studded spectacle, this is not to be confused with another legal drama.

Get ready to be engrossed as Agu, the much awaited drama series on Showmax Original, embarks on a mysterious journey, premiering on December 14, 2023.

We have the lowdown on the incredible cast of Agu, which is set to blow Nollywood away Agu isn’t just another courtroom drama; it’s a star-studded presentation.

Etim Inyang portrayed by Kanayo O Kanayo Prepare yourself for the famed Kanayo O Kanayo, who will be playing the. Role of Etim Inyang, the funny but opaque lawyer he definitely always has booze nearby and has a tense connection with his daughter Victoria.

In 1992, Kanayo starred in his first motion picture, Living in Bondage he has acted in more than a hundred. Movies, and for his performance in the film Across the Niger, he received a nomination in 2008 for the Africa. Movie Academy Award (AMAA) for Best Actor.

Kanayo, whose filmography essentially defines Nollywood, promises to infuse this compelling series with his signature charm and gravitas.

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Pius, Nonso Odogwu

Now enter Nonso Odogwu, the actor from Pius, a man of principle who is charged with killing Felix, his best. Friend he is a man who respects both the inherent strength of traditional religion and the capacity of humankind to harness and apply it.

Despite having killed his friend Felix, Pius feels that he was not the murderer and longs to be free.

The way in which Odogwu navigates the nuances of man-slaughter and murder in his portrayal is a tribute to his nuanced acting. His filmography includes This Is My Desire, Strangers, and Light in the Dark.

As Victoria Atem, Ruby Okezie
As she plays Victoria Atem, a driven young lady on a mission, meet Ruby Okezie, the rising star. A performance that is sure to steal the show is set in motion by Ruby’s rise in Nollywood, which is seen in songs like My Siblings and I, Merry Men, and Far From Home. In Nollywood, she’s fast rising to the top of the actress demand.

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