Charles of Play Partners In Namibian Studio releases a new film” The Skeleton Coast”.

Charles of Play Partners In Namibian Studio releases a new film" The Skeleton Coast".

For his upcoming film “The Skeleton Coast,” Charles of Play teams up with a Namibian studio.

The goal of the initiative, according to Okpaleke, was to create the biggest collaborative film production in Africa to date.

In an effort to use cinema to share the tales of Africans with the world, Play Network Studios, a Nigerian film production company, is working with. Mondjila Studios in Namibia.

However this was announced in a statement on Thursday in Lagos by Charles Okpaleke, the CEO of Play Network Studios.

“Our tales are ours to tell from Africa to the world, as we move forward in our shared responsibility to write tomorrow’s history in genuineness, progressive innovation, and bold Pan-African cooperation,” stated Okpaleke.

“This is the spirit of The Skeleton Coast, a very ambitious film project that our studio however, which has led. The way in contemporary, transformative African storytelling, and Mondjila Studios, which has a number of outstanding titles in their creative. Catalog, have collaborated on.

“The project takes place on Namibia’s Skeleton Coast, which the local bushmen tribes refer to as The Land God Made in Anger. The skeletal remnants of several shipwrecks, scattered throughout the mystical coast, amount to over a thousand vessels.

“The picturesque coast presents itself untouched, an out-of-body like experience due to its natural beauty, deep-rooted history and refreshing life, despite death made evident from endless bones of whales, seals.”


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