Charles Okpaleke’s latest title ” Blood Vessel” teases Survival Drama.

Charles Okpaleke's latest title " Blood Vessel" teases Survival Drama.

The most recent book by Charles Okpaleke, “Blood Vessel,” hints at a survival drama.

Before the year ends, expect another Nollywood project.

Blood Vessel, a new production by Charles Okpaleke’s Play Network Studios, is scheduled to premiere.

Furthermore the officially published teaser for the next title, written by Musa Jeffery David, promises an on-sea survival thriller with lots of twists and turns.

An unspecified number of young guys set sail on a ship in the brief video that was made public, and they now have to battle for their lives as the journey. Becomes increasingly violent.

Blood Vessel, which is produced by Roxanne Adekunle-Wright, Agozie Ugwu, and Fafa Bello Osagie, is the most recent announcement. From Play Network Studios following Okpaleke’s collaboration with a Namibian company on the movie The Skeleton Coast.

Moses Inwang is the director. Adaobi Lilian Dibor, David Ezekiel, Levi Chikere, Obinna Okenwa, Slyvester Ekanem, Alex Budin, Bimbo Manuel, Ebele Okaro, John Dumelo, Pere Egbi. Francis Duru, Rene Mena, Oyibo Rebel, Haillies Sumney, Katerina Ataman, and Alexa Iniye are among the people in the cast.

However the first Play Network Studios original game is the crime thriller. However this new film adds to the impressive slate of planned releases from the studio, which was disclosed by the production. Firm in November 2022 and includes Shina Rambo, King Jaja of Opodo, The Six, Hijack 93, Glamour Girl (sequel), and Diamond Ring (Remake).

On December 8, 2023, Blood Vessel will make its Netflix debut.

Moreover the forthcoming project will be developed in association with the filmmaker’s theatrical production firm, Play Network Studios, and will. Center around the story of the “British opposition by the Igbos,” according to the director.

Charles expressed his interest in the subject, citing the role the Aro people played in helping the people of Anioma. To safeguard the Igbo land, in response to the news of Max Siollun’s writing.

Since my family began producing feature films, we have concentrated on sharing the tale of our African history. I come from Arondizogu, the largest settlement of the Aro people, who are thought to have migrated from Arochukwu.


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