Chidi Mokeme recounts experience with partial facial paralysis.

Chidi Mokeme recounts experience with partial facial paralysis.

Partial facial paralysis is described by Chidi Mokeme.

He didn’t allow his illness to prevent him from carrying out his regular duties at the time of his diagnosis.

The frightening story of awakening with partial facial paralysis—also referred to as bell’s palsy—was recently revealed by Nollywood actress Chidi Mokeme.

In reliving the event, Mokeme talked about his uncertainty and aggravation when his body did not react to his mind’s. Simple requests for activities, as he was interviewed by Chude Jideonwo.

As I awoke one morning, this occurred this most likely occurred in the wee hours i was at home since, fortunately, I was traveling in the US.

Thus awakened that morning i made an attempt to call my phone the body is not responding to the mind’s. Call to pick up the phone it’s a really disoriented state,” he remarked.

When Mokeme’s wife thought he was having a stroke in the middle of this upsetting circumstance, the hospital quickly got. Involved, he stated tests later revealed that the diagnosis was bell’s palsy, a disorder where facial muscles become uncontrollably weak. Causing drooping and restricted movement.

Mokeme was resolved not to allow the condition stop him, even though the reason was unknown and it might not go away.

He talked about how some people had to wait months or even years to see improvements, but his fortitude was. Evident bell’s palsy presented obstacles, but rather than giving in to them, he made the decision to show himself that it wouldn’t stop him from living.

“I told you I wouldn’t let anything stop me. I’m going to stand up now. I could have told my brother that if he had come in. Don’t allow that to deter you. You must persevere. That’s only a minor diversion, he said.

Even though he was still on the road for the movie 76, the actor showed an incredible amount of resolve by flying to Lagos the day after receiving the bell’s palsy diagnosis.


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