Rema cancels December shows to take care of himself till 2014.

Rema cancels December shows to take care of himself till 2014.

Rema: Peaceful singer postpones gigs in December due to health concerns

Nigerian musician Rema claims he is now canceling all shows in December to focus on his health because years of touring have taken a toll on him.

On Wednesday, the Afrobeats artist revealed the choice on Instagram, stating that it “breaks my heart”.

“We’re going again in 2024,” he assured his supporters, adding, “I need time to heal.”

The popular song “Calm Down” by Rema is his most well-known work globally, breaking numerous streaming and chart records.

BBC Africa Live: News and updates from throughout Africa

Real name Divine Ikubor, 23, just performed spectacularly at London’s 20,000-seat O2 arena, riding a carousel pony to get there.

Taking advantage of the occasion, he called attention to the Benin Bronzes, enormously significant cultural artifacts from the 19th century that were plundered by British colonialists and many of which are still housed in the British Museum today.

“I recreated my bronzes because the ones belonging to my ancestors are housed in this city’s museum,” Rema posted on social media to explain the images from his London exhibition.

The Nigerian cities of Abuja, Benin, and Lagos were on his now-canceled December tour schedule.

On December 9, he was scheduled to play at the Hey Neighbour Festival in South Africa.

Fans who have already purchased tickets may receive a refund or have their tickets transferred to new dates in 2024, but this is unclear.

Rema congratulated his supporters and referred to the award as “a celebration of unity and the global domination of Afrobeats” when he accepted the first-ever Billboard Music Award for best Afrobeats song earlier this month.

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