Comedian Helen Paul feels small when she goes out with her lawyer husband

Comedian Helen Paul feels small when she goes out with her lawyer husband

The entertainer Helen Paul, a lawyer by trade, feels insignificant when she goes out.

In contrast to her husband’s job, she began to feel insignificant.

In regard to her job, well-known comedian Helen Paul has been transparent about her struggles with low self-esteem throughout the years.

However in the most recent episode of The Honest Bunch Podcast, the comedian made a guest appearance and discussed the. Reaction she got when she brought her husband Femi to her working environment. Usually, she observed, he was asked why he didn’t marry a lawyer like him and instead decided to marry a comic.

“My boss called my husband and said, ‘Femi, is it that kind of Helen you want to date? You are more than that. But if you want to just enjoy yourself with her, it’s okay oh!'” Helen stated.

The HR manager at her previous job once informed her husband that he was “too clean” for Helen.

She said, “I took Femi to my office then in TVC, my HR manager looked at Femi and said, ‘Look at how clean you are, a lawyer. Why the choice of Helen?'”

She continued by saying that such circumstances had such a profound effect on her that, when she and her husband were first married, she made the decision not to attend the same church.

From a work standpoint, Helen believed she would never be able to match her husband. By avoiding introductions when she was with him, she found it easier to keep from feeling inadequate.

Femi has a great voice, so when people would ask him what he did, he would respond, “I’m a lawyer, I’m the managing brand executive of…it’s too much,” and there would be nothing I could wear that would fit Femi. The question “What does she do?” is then raised.And she said, “And I’m like, ‘Comedian,’ ahhh.”

The comic claimed that before they were even married, she was already suffering from an inferiority problem.


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