Court Orders OAP Dotun to keep Dbanj’s name out of his mouth.

Court Orders OAP Dotun to keep Dbanj's name out of his mouth.

The court instructs OAP Dotun to refrain from mentioning D’banj.

The court ordered the event host to refrain from disparaging D’banj in online comments.

In his continuing custody battle for their children, Nigerian on-air celebrity Kayode Oladotun, aka Dod2tun, is now legally compelled to refrain from mentioning his ex-wife’s brother Dbanj.

The D’banj asked a Chief District Court of the Federal Capital Territory in Wuse Zone 2, Abuja, in court documents submitted through his attorney, Toheeb Lawal, to stop the event host from criticizing him on social media.

The documents, which were dated October 18, 2023, and were signed and stamped by an Honorable Emmanuel Iyana, have forbidden. Dotun and anybody else from his end from mentioning the singer.

The paperwork stated that it included “An order restraining the defendant (Do2dtun) either by himself, servants, privies, cohorts. Representatives or any person deriving authority from him from further making any malicious, intimidating or defamatory post directing at the. Complainant (D’banj) on any social media platform (X, Instagram, etc.) or news media.”

In addition, the court ordered the deputy inspector of police in charge of the. Force intelligence department to investigate a criminal complaint D’banj had made against Dotun and submit a report within two weeks.

The hearing was then postponed until October 30.

All of this developed as a result of Dotun’s continuous dispute with his ex-wife, Taiwo Omotayo, about who would get custody of their two girls. The former claimed that Taiwo defied their prior custody agreement and forbade him from seeing their kids. When he started dragging her on Instagram, he also started dragging her brother since he was allegedly helping Taiwo.

In her statement, Taiwo said that she did not restrict his access to their girls and that he is free to see them whenever he wants. She continued by expressing her regret to her brother for the humiliation Dotun caused online.

Dotun has involved D’banj in his disputes with his ex-wife before, and this time is no exception. She initially requested a divorce in 2022 on the grounds of alleged unrelenting emotional abuse, coerced abortions, and heinous domestic violence. Dotun also implicated the musician at the time, alleging that he helped spread untrue rumors about him.

As of the time of this story, Taiwo had privatized her Instagram account, and Dotun claimed that he had still not seen his kids.


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